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General Information 

​Information for Drop off

  • The area that is chosen for the rental unit must be a fairly flat service, (slight slope is ok), that is covered in grass (no dirt, rocks, sticks, leaves, loose grass clippings, feces, trash or any other debris).

  • The area must be ready and cleaned up prior to arrival, or the renter will still be charged for the unit (Company will not wait). Renter may possibly reschedule for an additional fee at the companies convivence if availability permits.

  • There must be someone 18 years of age or older at the time of drop off to sign for the equipment and designate the area for drop off.

  • There can be no pipes or wires in the ground in that location (Renter is responsible to make sure the area is clear prior to renting).

  • There can be no low overhead wires or tree branches in the area.

  • The area will need to be large enough to fit the unit and have at least 5 feet of additional space on all sides of the unit & 10 feet of space for slides (Renter is responsible for measurements and will still be charged if unit does not fit).

  • Rental company will need access to a working electrical receptacle within 100 feet of where the unit is being set up (Renter is responsible to check this prior to drop off).

  • If renting a water unit, a working water spigot, (good water pressure is needed, no rusty water or water that stains), with a hose to reach the area is required (Renter is responsible to check this prior to drop off).

  • Rental company has the final say on placement, direction and location of the equipment for safety reasons and proper working conditions.

  • All locations chosen have to be accessible by truck and trailer for drop off, without needing to be carried up steep inclines or down steep declines, over ditches, or fences, small gates, through buildings or transported large distances by hand (equipment weighs several hundred lbs. and is approximately 36-48 inches wide during transport depending on unit).

  • Drop off times are finalized the day prior to drop offs via email.

  • Drop off times are approximate. We try to be there with in a 1-hour window of the given time but are not guaranteed. Pick up times will be the same as drop off unless stated otherwise. 


There is  $50 security/cleaning deposit for all dry units & $100 security/Cleaning deposit for all water units. 

The deposit is charged at booking and returned at pick up as long as the contract is followed. This is separate from the cost charged at drop off. 

How to be successful in getting your deposit returned:

  • The inflatable is damage free.

  • All the equipment is still present.

  • The equipment that was dropped off, is still the same equipment that is present.

  • There are no marks or stains on the unit (to include rusty/mineral rich water, shoe marks, burn marks, feces, urine, mud, etc.).

  • There isn’t trash, food or any other debris left in the unit.

  • The unit isn’t muddy or excessively dirty.

  • The grass was not cut after the unit was set up (leads to additional clean up).

  • If the unit is rented as a dry unit, water was not used.

  • The unit was not moved, disassembled or altered in any way.

  • Water units were given sufficient time to dry and not used on day of pick up.

  • The pool was drained the day before pick up and the mud/ grass and debris were rinsed out.

  • The unit is blown up, was giving sufficient time to dry, and is ready to be inspected and picked up when arrive.

  • No soap, oils, or foam of any kind was used on the inflatable (These materials can remove slide lining coatings and destroy the vinyl material or loosens the seams)

  • The contract was read and followed.

Rain Policy

During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc.) we reserve the right to cancel your reservations prior to delivery.  If conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of keeping the Inflatable Amusement Device, or canceling your order, and if you choose not to cancel in the event of (i.e. rain, high winds, etc.) inclement weather, then there will be no refunds on the rental.

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