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Gel Ball 

What is Gel Ball

Gel Ball is similar to Airsoft, Paintball and nerf but without the mess, the hassle of picking up nerf darts, the expensive costs of paintballs, the dangers/ damages of air soft or the welts left from paintball or air soft.

What are Gel Blasters

They are electric guns that shoot around 10-12 balls per second when holding down the trigger. The blasters hold around 800 rounds of ammo and can be reloaded very easily. The blasters will shoot about 100 feet.

 What are Gellets / Gel Balls

They are soft polymer Gel balls (similar to orbeez) that are hydrated with water making up 80 percent of their mass. The other 20 percent is made up with an organic material that makes gel balls biodegradable. Gel balls burst on impact leaving no balls to clean up, no stains and almost no pain (dressed properly and not shot close up).

Does it hurt


Getting hit with a Gel ball up close feels like getting snapped with a rubber band. When wearing the proper clothing and shooting from a distance, there is no sting and is almost unnoticeable.

Recommended age for playing


We recommend kids from age 7 to adults.


Where to play

Gel ball can be played in virtually any space. You can play in the backyard, in a field, in a wooded area, inside a barn, really any space that you have permission to be in. Create barricades (boxes, wood, pallets, totes, etc.) or use existing objects, the sky is the limit.



What you get

When you rent one our Gel ball packages, you will get 6 Gel blasters, 6 Face masks and 30,000 rounds of Ammo (you can purchase more if needed). The blasters will run for 4-5 hrs. (depending of use).


Additional Equipment 

  • Additional blasters are $35 each. 

  • Extra ammo is sold as 10,000 rounds for $10.

  • Lasers are $5 each.

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