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A moon bounce vs a commercial bounce house

Looking at a trampoline for your kids or grandchildren? An inflatable bouncer for kids can offer them a safer environment to jump around. All inflatable bounce houses are surrounded by some sort of safety netting which encloses the structure. This will prevent out of control bouncers from falling out of the inflatable. In order to provide the same sort of safe play area for kids with a trampoline you would need to purchase an enclosure. This is not only expensive but challenging to maintain.

Moon Bounce Safety

When it comes to bounce house safety, it is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. These safety guidelines should not be taken lightly. They were developed to ensure the users safety. Please refer to the individual inflatable for specific rules and guidelines. Listed below is some basic recommendations to follow:

Inflatable must be used with adult supervision. Do not exceed weight or user capacities for any moon bouncers. Have users of similar size and ages using any particular inflatable at one time. What does this mean? You do not want a group of teenagers bouncing around at the same time as toddlers.Make sure the inflatable has the recommended safety perimeter that the manufacturer requires/recommends

Why Can't I Get In The Inflatable Bouncer With My Child?

This might be one of the most frequently asked questions are sales team gets?

"So really, if my son or daughter wants me to play in the inflatable bouncy with them, I can get in, right?

Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with the quality of a kid bounce house. The quality and design is specific to the end user. This is why one of the most important questions that we ask our customers prior to purchasing an inflatable jumper is ' who is going to use this bouncy?

Here are the differences between a commercial bounce house and a kids moon bounce:

It is design based inflatable meaning the capacities for both weight and end users are specific. The material used in kid moon jumps are often strong enough to hold over 100 lbs, but the stitching at the seams are not made to hold higher weight loads. Since all inflatable jumpers require constant airflow, the blower is often used to regulate weight loads. For example, a blower for a kids inflatable jumper is will not keep the bounce area firm if over 100 lbs is in a specific area. The blower can not blow enough air to keep the unit firm. Overall size is one of the most noticeable differences between commercial moon bounces and kid bounce houses. Once again, it goes back to the end user that the specific inflatable is targeted to. They may both look similar but trust me they are not.

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